12 Sports for Kids To Try This Winter

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Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of ways to stay active. Bundle up, don’t forget sunblock and water even in January, and have a great time with these sports for kids to try this winter.

1. Hockey

This is a fast-moving sport, indoors or outdoors, that gets kids working on many different skills at the same time. For instance, they learn movement and coordination while ice skating. They also improve hand-eye coordination with hockey sticks making contact with the puck. Combine it all together and games are also opportunities to refine gross and fine motor skills. This game is built on teamwork and cooperation, while also keeping kids active and engaged. If you’re looking for sports for kids to try this winter that check off multiple boxes, look no further than hockey.

2. Snowboarding and Skiing 

If you live in a place where snowboarding and skiing is nearby, take advantage of your good luck and give these sports a try. You’ll never look at a snowfall the same way again. Snowboarding and skiing help kids improve their coordination and motor skills, as well as leg muscles and core strength. As they get better and stronger, their self-esteem and confidence go up, too. These are exhilarating sports that encourage children to see physical activity and fun as one and the same. You can also participate in these activities as a family.

3. Basketball

Basketball is one of those sports kids can learn as a child and keep playing well into adulthood. Starting off in local leagues, or even after-school programs with KidzToPros, is an easy way to introduce your child to the sport. Watch them get better while learning foundational skills, teamwork and cooperation. They’ll also grow stronger arms and legs from dribbling, throwing and running. There isn’t a neighborhood court around that isn’t full on weekends with adults who still love to play. This also leads to lifelong fitness.

4. Ice Skating

Dancing on ice is another one of those sports for kids to try this winter that works on multiple levels. Such levels include learning the skill of skating on ice while also incorporating upper body strength, creativity, control and endurance. When ice skaters perform, they showcase the ability to set goals and compete gracefully under pressure. These are skills that last a lifetime.

5. Indoor Tennis

If you live where it’s too cold to play tennis outside, call your local tennis clubs to see about indoor courts. This is a great sport to introduce to children who want to play with others, but as an individual athlete rather than a team player. It’s also non-contact, which means it’s easier on growing bodies. Tennis improves hand-eye coordination, control and involves the whole body for a workout that keeps young athletes flexible and fit. Check out KidzToPros tennis programs for more information!

6. Racquetball

Another indoor or outdoor sport, racquetball is a lot like tennis in that it involves rackets and balls. It’s also an individual sport that improves hand-eye coordination as well as gross motor skills. However, instead of players hitting the ball across the net at each other, racquetball players face a wall and hit the ball to each other by bouncing it off that wall. It’s still a whole body workout and a whole lot of fun.

7. Gymnastics

The best sports for kids to try this winter allow a blend between individual and team environments. With gymnastics, they get to improve with plenty of action on the mat while at the same time socializing and cheering each other on. Young gymnasts work on core strength, dexterity and movement. This improves coordination and confidence.

8. Snowshoeing

Think of this sport as snow hiking. Again, it’s nice to introduce children to ways they can stay fit their whole lives. This isn’t something people “grow out of” like other sports. Once someone gets out walking and observing nature, it tends to stay with them forever. Snowshoeing involves special shoes that allow you to hike along wooded trails with snow on the ground. Whole families enjoy this activity, bonding and staying physically active at the same time. It’s also a great opportunity to see birds and other animals as well as breathtaking sites of beauty in wintertime.

9. Snow Tubing

Kids, as well as adults who embrace their younger selves, enjoy getting into over-inflated tires for exhilarating snow rides. This all-ages sport can involve every member of the family for a day on different kinds of slopes. If you find yourself in a wintery wonderland, check out the snow tubing opportunities in the area. Afterwards, enjoy hot cocoa and the fun you had yelling “wheeee!” with your kids.

10. Night Skiing

If you find yourself out skiing for the day, and having a great time, consider making it last a little longer. Most ski lodges and resorts offer night skiing and it’s fun to try even for novice skiers. Slopes are majestic in moonlight and the feel of skiing with muted light feels a bit adventurous. Some places even offer inflatable pillows for ski jumpers to observe sunset from the air.

11. Cross-country Skiing

Your kids will learn the basics of this sport quickly, and then enjoy the process of perfecting their skills over the course of years. This is why cross-country skiing is becoming a favorite among families because they can do this together. Sliding through the woods is great fun and builds endurance, leg muscles and coordination. Sure, you might fall over a few times. But soft snow will break each fall. You can also stop whenever you want for hot cocoa!

12. Dancing

Children and adults love to dance so much, it’s easy to forget this is actually considered by many to be a kind of sport. Dancers are certainly athletes, even if we don’t think of them primarily as such. Any kind of dancing promotes strength, coordination and muscle tone. This includes ballroom dancing, folk, salsa, ballet, or jazz – just to name a few. Check out hip-hop dance for kids at KidzToPros near you.

Whether you live near snow or local weather is just slightly cooler, take the kids out for some fun. Most sports for kids to try this winter can involve the family and provides hours of fun for all of you, all winter long. 


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