20 Fun Winter Arts and Crafts for Kids

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If you find yourself looking for arty ways to keep the family entertained, consider these fun winter arts and crafts. Your kids will love them.

1. Make snowmen, or snowwomen, inside while warm and dry.

Air dry clay is lightweight and durable. It’s also extremely pliable and easy for little hands to smooth. You and the kids can create lots of different works of art, not just snow people. You might even want to get started on Christmas trees for next year to use as decorations or gifts.  

2. Make a snow globe.

Talk about simple and quick.  Gather your kids, a few empty jars and less than five supply items to create original snow globes in mere minutes. These make great Valentine’s Day gifts for neighbors or elderly relatives who might be lonely this time of year.

3. Finger knit with your kids.

Stock up on various colors of your favorite yarn and give this a try. Giving your children something to do with their hands and fingers can improve manual dexterity and fine motor skills. This fun and relaxing activity will help them better be able to do things in school such as hold pencils and scissors.

4. Create crayon resist snowflakes.

What is “crayon resist”? It’s an art technique that means you color over the area you want to stay white using a white wax crayon. Then cover the paper in paint. Where you’ve used the white crayon, you’ll notice its wax resists the paint and stops it from covering that part of the paper. Pretty cool, huh? All you need is crayons, paper and watercolor paints.  

5. Save those popsicle sticks.

Popsicle sticks can be used for lots of fun and unique winter crafts for kids. Here’s one that’s fairly easy and can incorporate a quick science lesson, too! These popsicle sticks can make adorable little dolls that actually ice skate. Talk to your kids about how water becomes ice while waiting for these babies to freeze. Then your kids can enjoy some imaginative play.

6. Produce a puppet play.

Homemade puppets can be made with socks, brown paper bags, felt, gloves or mittens. Use many everyday items to adorn them with eyes, noses, mouths, ears – even facial hair! Encourage your children to produce a play, making these puppets different characters, and watch their imagination come alive.

7. Don’t just throw away those toilet paper rolls.

Upcycle those empty toilet paper rolls, and straws, to create some fun ninjas with the kids. No need to leave the house on those cold days – just grab a few toilet paper tubes and straws and watch the ninja fun begin. 

8. Make a hedgehog ring-toss game.

Making games is one of the best activities when stuck indoors. Not only do you get to enjoy some creative winter crafts, but then you get to play a game afterwards that’s fun and works on hand-eye coordination at the same time.

9. Get busy with this Minecraft idea.

Is your child a Minecraft fan? If so, this is a simple way to make your own Minecraft creeper. All you need are some items from your recycling bin and a bit of imagination.  

10. Use everyday items to make your own winter wreath.

A homemade winter wreath is great for the holidays and beyond to include all of winter. Decorate any way you wish to create Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day or simple winter weather themes.

11. Make a blizzard snow globe.

A fun way to keep kids entertained, whether they’re attending a birthday party or playdate, is through fun winter crafts. This is also a way to reuse and enjoy empty baby food jars and any extra glitter you might have hanging around.

12. Enjoy bundling up for winter with monster gloves.

Perhaps your kids will be more likely to remember their mittens and gloves if they come with googly eyes. Give it a try.  

13. Feed the birds.

On your next family walk, pick up some pine cones. Then combine with peanut butter, birdseed and string to create bird feeders for your backyard. Combine a science lesson helping your children identify the birds that stop by for a snack.

14. Make more snow people!

This time, use old egg cartons to create snowmen and an entire cast of characters. Creative families can create characters, storylines and video for out-of-town friends and family.

15. Join KidzToPros for origami art.

An online class where your child can make almost anything out of paper. We will make a variety of plant and animal models with increasing complexity. Level up your creativity with the simple art of folding.

16. Decorate with homemade pine cone winter owls.

These make wonderful decorations to keep or give away.

17. Combine snow people and snow globes.

Mix together playdough and mason jars to create hours of homemade fun and possibly gifts for loved ones.

18. Create colored ice sculptures.

This is another fun art project that can also be used to reinforce some science while you’re at it. You and your kids will create ice shapes to stack and arrange as you wish. Use liquid watercolors or food coloring to make them as lovely as you like. You can also refreeze in different shaped containers to keep recreating something new.

19. Learn about northern lights and make art to go along with it.

Teach your children about the Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis. These are light display phenomena. Unless you live or visit places like Alaska, Greenland or Iceland, perhaps your kids haven’t yet heard of them. Find pictures and information online to give them an idea and then create your own artwork to decorate your bedrooms or other areas of the house.

20. Join KidzToPros for anime and architecture.

Kids learn perspective drawing and the basics of how to draw with simple shapes. The lessons will evolve to drawing faces with different expressions and then adding a body to show their characters performing different actions. Each day, the artists continue to build on their drawing abilities to create rich artwork.

Fun winter arts and crafts with your kids can turn winter blues into winter boosts! Give some of these a try today. 


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