9 Fun Art Projects To Do At Home

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Sometimes rainy or snowy weather, a day off from school, or a slight cold might keep your kids from going outside. What to do? How about some fun art projects at home? These activities keep your children busy and entertained while engaging their creative side.

Stock up on these materials first

  • Paints
  • Watercolors
  • Brushes
  • Colored pencils
  • Markers
  • Newspapers
  • Junk mail
  • Catalogs
  • Old magazines
  • Crayons
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Poster boards
  • Blank canvases
  • Ceramic trivets or tiles
  • Coarse or kosher salt
  • Colored tissue paper

You and your young artists can create:

1. Paintings. 

Scatter newspapers or junk mail all over the garage, basement, driveway or porch. This keep things from getting stained.

Get out some white papers or blank canvases. Use paints, watercolors, paintbrushes or old toothbrushes. Let your kids be free to create priceless works of art.

Keep in mind that red, blue and yellow paints create orange, purple and green colors, too.

Leave room for your children’s names and the date these paintings were created. Consider frames to hang them in the house.

For more fun, ask guests, “Do you know this artist’s work? I heard these are priceless.” You’d be surprised how many people stare, wondering, not realizing the artist is the little kid behind them.

2. Collages. 

There are many different kinds of collages that qualify as fun art projects.

For instance, when out with the family, collect small items along the way. During autumn walks, these items can include sticks, leaves or acorns. In winter, pick pinecones, dried leaves or berries. For spring, find flowers with different colored petals. And in summer, collect feathers or green leaves.

Bring them inside to glue on different colored papers.

These nature collages can also be framed and displayed as seasonal decorations.

You can also create a tissue-paper collage. Your child draws a large shape and brushes it with some glue. Then cover the wet board with different colored tissue paper squares. Keep going until the board is covered completely.

Or try a collage drawing where your child cuts out parts of pictures. Use catalogs or magazines. A particular theme or anything they find interesting works. They glue the pieces to a poster board and then finish drawing the pictures themselves.

3. Collage boxes. 

Put those old shoeboxes to use.

First, color the box using markers, crayons or paint. Then, glue some favorite things inside: cotton balls, fabrics, paper scraps, dollhouse toys, pictures, etc.

If you’re looking for themes, re-create favorite characters or scenes from beloved books or movies.

4. Thumb or handprint pictures.

Do you and your kids like to cook? Buy a blank apron. Pour paint colors into a thin, old pan or cookie sheet.

Place a bead of water on the color to prime it.

Have your children gently stick their hands in the paint and then on the apron. Add your own words, like “More pancakes please!” This makes a lovely gift on Mother’s, Father’s or Parent’s Day.

Or do this with thumbs on a blank canvas. Again, add the year on the back so you remember how old they were when you make these fun art projects.

Add to the thumbprint after it’s dry to create a person, bug or alien. Let your imagination run wild.

5. Homemade cards.

With card stock or sturdy construction paper, easily create your own cards. Use white or colored paper and the ideas are limitless.

Include pictures, drawings or make collages from magazines. Include images from websites. Decorate with glitter or stickers.

Cards with personalized messages inside are more precious than anything bought at the store. Create cards online and print at a local shop. Mail them on holidays, birthdays and other special occasions.

6. Tiles.

Decorate a walkway, garden or kitchen backsplash. Or make some trivets and coasters.

Make tiles yourself after buying some basics in a craft store. Use paints, markers, and rubber stamps to create original designs. Date and sign the back to give as gifts or just to remember.

Paint over designs with acrylic paint. Then bake in the oven or sun for a finished creation.

7. Fun art projects with salt.

Do this one of two ways.

First option, cover a blank sheet of paper with paint (preferably watercolors) and sprinkle kosher salt all over it. Wait an hour or two, until it’s dry, and gently shake off any salt that’s still loose. This can be used as wrapping paper for any ornamental item or gifts.

Another idea is to get a cookie pan and place a blank piece of paper inside it. Use a watered down brush and run it all over the paper. Then wet the brush again. Now paint the paper with watercolors. Lastly, sprinkle any kind of salt over the paper and let it dry. Afterwards, shake the loose salt off.

Discuss the colors and creations left on the paper.

8. Digital Arts masterpieces.

Sign up for one of KidzToPros after-school programs. Your kids will create original art using graphics tablets and other programs. Then they can share their creations with friends and family to enjoy anytime.

9. Napkins and placemats.

Purchase fabric for good, wrinkle-free napkins and placemats. Then gather real-life items to use as stamps. This includes leaves or shapes made from potatoes. Sponges also make good stamps – think about fun seasonal shapes you can make.

Cover the sponges or potatoes with fabric paint. Press them onto your blank napkins and placemats. Afterwards, let them dry and use them during holidays and special dinners. Be sure to launder by hand to make them last.

This doesn’t have to be expensive.

Many arts supplies can be found around the house or at the local dollar store. Brushes and paints are often on sale at discount supply or crafts shops. Form a co-op with friends to share or borrow.

These fun art projects are something to do one afternoon and keep forever. 


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