Holidays and Family Activities in August

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The last few weeks of July and beginning of August are known as the Dog Days of Summer. Long hot days and warm nights can be peaceful and serene for some. While others are ready for cooler breezes and a new school year. Summer isn’t over yet though. Celebrate fun days, weeks or the whole month. If you and your kids are looking for family activities, there is something to enjoy almost every day.

Celebrate all month long

Family Fun Month: Are there any activities you’ve been putting off this summer? Now is the time to make it happen! In a few short weeks, days will be filled with school, jobs and homework. Take some time to hit the beach or the pool. Take a day off and visit a local park or other area of interest. Get it in while you can.

National Picnic Month: Eating outdoors is a great family activity in the summer. Sunshine and soft breezes also encourage healthier eating. Just remember to bring bug repellent and sunscreen.

Peach Month: Colorado, California, New Jersey and Georgia are just a few of the states where peaches are in season right now. Click here for tasty recipes.

National Eye Exam Month: They say eyes are the windows to the soul. August is a great month to take care of your eyes and catch problems early. There are also important vegetables and fruits that help your eyes stay healthy all year long.

Weekly events for fun, family activities

Week 1 – International Clown Week: Over 10,000 clowns work to provide entertainment for millions of children, senior citizens and hospital patients each year. This is a week to celebrate these smile-makers.

Week 2 – National Smile Week: Speaking of smiles… Coming up with reasons to grin are great breakfast activities for kids. Psychologists say it promotes gratitude. Setting an intention to smile also sets a positive tone for the day and reduces anxiety.

Week 3 – Friendship Week: Reach out to friends by going old school and writing handwritten cards. Getting mail is exciting, no matter your age, and the act of writing helps kids put their thoughts into words.

Week 4 – Be Kind to Humankind Week: Delivering homemade lasagna to your local fire station. Reading books to the elderly at a nursing home. Challenge the kids to come up with a random act of kindness your whole family can do each day this week.

Special days in August

August 1  

International Forgiveness Day: One of the best things we can do for good mental health is let go of anger – toward everyone. Forgiveness teaches children to extend grace toward others and themselves.  

National Mountain Climbing Day: If you live near mountains, or even some hills, today is a great day for walking or hiking activities with the kids.

Sisters Day: They say having a sister is like having a friend you can’t get rid of – give your sister (or closest female friend) a call today.  

August 2

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day: Something about ice cream sandwiches says “summertime treat.” Find a local ice cream shop or make your own. With dozens of cookies, cakes and ice cream flavors – the possibilities are endless.

August 3

National Watermelon Day: One of the healthiest treats for summer, and an excellent source of water, is watermelon. You can even find seedless varieties at most stores. Keep the family hydrated with this popular fruit.

August 4

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day: Fun summertime activities for the family include baking together. Reading recipes and measuring ingredients also helps reduce learning loss in kids. Here are delicious chocolate chip recipes for you all to try.

August 7

Campfire Day: Build a safe campfire with friends or family and enjoy the great outdoors. Tell stories or search for your favorite constellations. You can even combine this with National S’mores Day (August 10) and Toasted Marshmallow Day (August 30) activities to make tasty treats.

August 8

International Cat Day: Spend extra time or buy a new toy for the special feline friend in your life. You don’t own pets but love cats? If you live near a cat café, visit and enjoy these furry creatures for a few hours.

August 9

Book Lover’s Day: Aren’t we all book lovers? Visiting a local library or independent bookstore is a great way to show it. You can also donate old books to a homeless or women’s shelter so more families can enjoy them.

August 12

Annual Perseid Meteor Shower: Peak dates vary slightly, depending on where you live. Check local weather reports for best viewing dates/times.

August 13

Left Hander’s Day: Create your own “lefty zone” either in person or online. Help spread some awareness for the left handers in your life.

August 16

National Tell a Joke Day: Bring out your inner comedian. Tell your favorite joke in an online video, tweet or other social media post. Keep inspiring those August smiles!

August 19

Aviation Day: Gather with the family and watch Mercury 13, Hidden Figures, and other movies to celebrate historical aviators.

National Potato Day: Potatoes are an excellent source of potassium, folate and Vitamin C. Here are some tasty ways to make and eat them.

August 21

National Honey Bee Awareness Day: Bees are finally getting the attention they deserve. They help keep our planet healthy and thriving. Click here to find fun activities and ways to observe this important day.  

Senior Citizen’s Day: Every town has a variety of memory care centers, assisted living facilities and retirement homes. If you don’t have older relatives to enjoy and want to shower some needed attention, please consider visiting one of these places today.

August 25

National Banana Split Day: How’s this for a summer treat? You can continue eating healthy and enjoy a banana split at the same time!

August 26

Women’s Equality Day: Help your school, community or friends celebrate women’s equality. This day became a holiday in the early 1970s and we are fast approaching 2023, which will be 100 years of voting rights for women. Click here for online and in-person resources to spread the word.

August 29

International Bat Night: Bats are vital for a healthy ecosystem. Join this multi-country awareness-raising campaign. They’ll even send you a poster and other ideas for community involvement.

Enjoy these end-of-summer activities with the whole family. 


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