KidzToPros’ Visual Art Camps for Kids: Developing the Whole Child

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Children express themselves through art in more ways than just messy finger painting. During the school year, kids and parents busy themselves with academia, like science, math and reading. But involving students in art benefits them in other ways, underscoring the importance of art to their scholastic development. Though it’s up to parents to cultivate the artist in each child, KidzToPros’ (KTP’s) art camps for kids help develop the whole child.

Visual Arts Declining in Schools

Unfortunately, arts education tends to be among the first subjects cut by struggling school districts – despite evidence that students who attend art classes, paint, draw or visit museums score higher on tests and make better grades. 

Despite this reality, parents understand the reasons for getting their kids interested in visual arts at an early age. Moms and dads like you pay attention when schools aren’t offering creative options, and it’s up to you to encourage your children to get creative outside the classroom. This includes taking advantage of summer vacation. 

Art summer camp affords the perfect opportunity for kids to connect with their artistic side, while growing bodily, in self-confidence and maturity. So consider the following KTP art camp programs and how each one benefits your child, creatively, physically and emotionally. 

Digital Arts Camp

In Digital Arts with KidzToPros, campers gather together to combine artistic creativity with computer science. They learn how to create works of art with a digital pen and graphics tablet. As a result, simple drawings come alive with technical effects. 

Kids add another level to their own traditional art skills with unlimited, digitally-enhanced possibilities using various brushes, effects and layers. They also learn the basics of art, design, color theory, perspective, contrast and more. Students spend time each day getting schooled in new techniques and building upon their previous, prior work.

Digital arts camp also helps kids develop important gross motor skills. When campers paint, draw or sketch, they move the larger muscles in their arms and torso. This assists with balance and coordination in their nervous system, and encourages the connections between the brain and hand/arm muscles to grow stronger.  

Graphic Design Camp

One of our more popular, online art camps for kids is Graphic Design. In this course, campers use their imagination – plus some serious computer skills – to create business cards, flyers and business-related animations that pop! 

By the end of camp, youngsters understand the working elements of professional design software and use it to wow you with original shapes, layouts and colored creations you probably never even knew existed. 

On the physical side, graphic design improves kids’ fine motor skills by developing the smaller muscles in their fingers and hands. You’ll notice that as they use these muscles more, their writing improves, they more easily turn the pages of a book, they handle and use scissors with more dexterity, and they tie their shoelaces with greater ease. 

Graphic design truly blends computer science and art!

3D Modeling Camp (3D Character Design & Animation)

KidzToPros created a digital 3D Modeling, in-person camp so kids could work with others to create their own original video games. This unique and popular camp combines art and technology to help game players become game creators. 

Students use futuristic software to create video games and animated movies. They manipulate 3D shapes to look and behave like real-life objects, and add lighting effects and enhancements with textures, shading, sculpting and rigging. They even experiment with modeling cartoon characters!

This type of visual arts program reduces stress, anxiety and depression in children of all ages. Youngsters working with arts and crafts, including the digital variety, feel calmer and happier. They’re better able to cope with stressors by working through them, visually and cognitively. 

Kids feel a positive mood boost for hours – and sometimes days – after they finish their artwork. The benefits of an art summer camp lead well into the next school year and beyond. 

LEGO Masters Camp 

Our most popular online summer camp gets kids using LEGO supplies at home to design and create something new each day. Led by their instructor, campers also use colors and various cutouts to practice new techniques and create unique works of art. This camp combines engineering, computer skills and visual arts for a truly immersive and hands-on experience. 

Like most visual arts camps, KidzToPros’ programs improve hand-eye coordination. Campers are too busy having fun while drawing, painting or building to realize their eyes are guiding their hands. But as parents, you know practicing hand-eye coordination leads to better athletic performance, coordination, balance and communication. 

Art Skills Camp (Architecture/Anime/Cartooning)

At Art Skills camp, young artists get together to learn or improve upon basic drawing skills. They design and draw lots of different 2D and 3D buildings and structures. We even introduce them to perspective drawing. 

In anime and cartooning, they branch out by drawing simple shapes, faces with different expressions and bodies performing multiple actions. Each day, campers improve upon their drawing abilities to create a portfolio of rich and detailed artwork.

Can you believe drawing helps kids improve problem-solving and critical thinking skills? It does! Give two young artists the same tools and lessons and see how each approaches situations differently. 

Here, campers learn to think constructively about processes and work out ways to create something truly their own.

Scratch Coding Camp

Campers in our online Scratch coding camp build various types of computer projects, including artistic, music and gaming programs. Foundational coding concepts like sequencing, branching, looping and variables move kids from mere computer programmers and artists to modern-day multi-media gurus!  

While they’re learning how to manipulate and animate unique characters, students collaborate with others to improve creativity and individual craftsmanship. Youngsters also learn the importance of originality, communication and self-expression.

Watch creativity soar as students advance through systematic reasoning and collaborative learning with peers.  

KTP Art Camps for Kids Near You

Give your kids a summer filled with creativity and growth. Whether in-person or online, KidzToPros’ visual arts camps send your child home with better coping skills, higher self-esteem, and real abilities that help them grow personally and academically. 

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