Minecraft Coding Camp: Why You Should Feel Good About Sending Your Kids

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Minecraft: It’s one of the most well-known, popular video games in the world! Millions of players in every country on every continent – including adults – enjoy and learn from this open-world, ‘sandbox’ game. If your child is one of them, KidzToPros’ Minecraft coding camp provides a way for them to explore, create and learn important programming and coding skills, all in the company of knowledgeable instructors and like-minded players. 

Minecraft: It’s More Than Just a Video Game!

If you’re like other parents, you may be wondering if it’s wise to invest time and money in a Minecraft summer camp. After all, shouldn’t summer vacation be about unplugging and having fun?

KidzToPros (KTP) hears you, and we understand your concern. There’s definitely value in limiting screen time for kids each day. However, there are also solid reasons why you should feel good about sending your youngsters to summer Minecraft camp. 

Read on to find out why Minecraft camp is a good idea.

So What Is Minecraft, Anyway?

Minecraft is an adventure game in which players build and explore worlds made of blocks. They create items that range from simple to advanced. For example, they may start out by creating containers, move on to structures like homes or bridges, then advance to creating castles or cities. With endless possibilities, only a child’s imagination limits their creative powers of planning, creating, building, exploring and experimenting within a world of their own creation. 

Two different modes describe Minecraft gameplay: survival and creative. 

Survival mode is just that: a quest for survival. Players forage for food and other necessary supplies. They must fight off enemies who come at them with swords or pickaxes. This requires stealth and quick thinking, as players explore the virtual world around them. At any moment, a mob of nasty characters may try to overcome them. 

Creative mode offers players more possibilities without the distractions of survival, such as a need for food, medicine or solid defense. Players have the power of flight and many tools at their disposal. This allows them to explore, create and manage their surroundings without threat. 

Whichever mode they choose, Minecraft encourages kids to write their own adventures, get creative with art or engineering projects, and problem-solve their way through adverse situations, whether they play alone or with others.  

Benefits of Minecraft Coding Camp

At KidzToPros’ Minecraft summer camp, children learn premium skills, as they explore all that is fun and educational about this remarkable game. Along the way, several benefits emerge, including adult mentoring and supervision, kids learning coding and programming, and players gaining real-life social characteristics and technical skills that benefit their futures. 

Adult Mentoring & Supervision

Depending on the version or game, Minecraft is rated safe to play by kids 8 to 10 and up. However, it still helps to have an adult nearby to provide guidance. You don’t have to worry about this at our summer camp. KTP thoroughly vets and background checks all camp directors and instructors. 

Minecraft allows kids to communicate with each other freely online. They purchase in-game currency and other items, and help one another solve problems. The game does not contain violent content, so that puts many parents’ minds at ease. When mobs of creatures get defeated, they actually disappear. Though players may kill animals for food, the game does not sensationalize such acts, and instructors supervise play to answer questions and provide important context. 

While players create or witness creatures with pickaxes and other weapons, they appear cartoonish, not real. Again, experienced camp instructors keep a watchful eye on all players and loop-in parents with any concerns. 

Kids Learning Coding & Programming

Redstone is a resource within Minecraft that helps kids learn key coding concepts by creating complex tools and structures. A red ore that transmits power, Redstone works like electrical wiring, allowing kids to create in-game tools when it’s activated. Using such tools is fun, so campers often don’t even realize they’re learning! 

KidzToPros campers also learn programming through command blocks in Minecraft. They use the blocks to execute commands typed into the chat box. They learn to meet certain requirements and combine command blocks with Redstone to unlock a whole new customized world they program and control. 

Players Gaining Real-Life Skills

Campers also learn the following beneficial, real-life skills at Minecraft coding camp (as seen above): 

  • Teamwork
  • How to recruit other players
  • Negotiating
  • Strategy
  • Communication
  • Getting along well with other players
  • Hard work
  • Asking for help
  • An open mind
  • Planning ahead
  • Prioritizing tasks
  • Managing time 
  • Making decisions quickly
  • Manipulating objects in a certain space to create more complex structures

These social characteristics and technical skills, learned at Minecraft coding camp, become a foundational cornerstone for students as they grow, mature and move toward higher education.

Feel Good about KTP’s Minecraft Summer Camp!

Parents should be proud to enroll their kids in this popular KTP summer camp. With qualified adult instruction, students learn coding and technical skills that help them thrive in challenging situations. They also practice real-life scenarios they’ll find in offline worlds, as well. 

As you can now see, Minecraft is more than just a video game! Find a Minecraft coding camp near you and equip your kids with powerful skills that lead to future success.

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