Why Performing Arts Programs Are So Popular

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Performing artists use their bodies or voices to express themselves, often in beautiful fashion. Whether creating and performing music, dancing or acting out drama, these entertainers provide audiences time away from their busy lives. Children who participate in performing arts programs learn creative self expression as they grow in their craft.

If you have a child who loves acting, singing, dancing or performing, consider getting them involved in a performing arts program.  It’ll provide an outlet for their creative energy and make them a happier, more well-rounded kiddo.

Performing Arts Programs: Growing in Popularity

Some kids relish performing in front of an audience. They enjoy being silly, super creative, or funny and making people laugh. Others are more reserved, but creative nonetheless, and get nervous or jittery before they perform. However, once they get going, acting or making music brings out a completely different side of their personality.

Due to mass appeal, performing arts enjoy great popularity around the world. Kids who participate in performing arts programs sing, dance or act their hearts out, while reaping many benefits that carry them through life.

Why Kids Love Performing Arts

Children enjoy many things about performing arts programs, like the ones at KidzToPros. Here are just a few of the reasons why.

#1: They experience freedom of self expression

When acting, dancing or composing music, kids feel free to be themselves. If they’re normally a ham at school or home, participating in the performing arts allows them to let their true personality shine through. A more serious student, on the other hand, can use their pensive, reflective style to get a point across or make people think. Either way, students can feel confident in who they are, without the need to change.

#2: They receive and enjoy positive feedback

Young people in performing arts programs get kudos for trying, whether or not they’re successful the first time. When they do something particularly well, such as perfecting a dance routine or getting that soliloquy just right, peers and instructors praise their efforts and reward them with positive feedback that brings self-confidence. Who doesn’t love positive affirmation?

#3: They work as part of a team

Some kids who just don’t seem to fit in academic or sports clubs flourish in performing arts pathways. Those who lack self-confidence or lean toward being shy often feel braver in a group of like-minded peers. As they work together with friends and learn from each other, kids like these become more self-assured. The group mentality draws them in and makes them feel like they belong.

#4: They learn fun, new skills

Experimenting with new areas of interest brings out the best in most kids. They often find that learning to compose music, dance or deliver a thought-provoking speech on stage is actually fun! New steps, notes or movements may give them inspiration they didn’t know they had inside! They may also bring out new-found passions kids can enjoy for a lifetime.

#5: They take pride in their accomplishments

Nothing feels better than doing something well! As kiddos learn new things, improve on performances and delve deeper into what they love, smiles abound. When an actor at one of our performing arts programs bows to the audience amidst shouts of “bravo!,” they feel pride in their accomplishment. They can then carry those feelings of pride with them throughout life.

Academic Achievement through Performing Arts 

Did you know that kids who enjoy performing arts also lean toward academic achievement? 

Here’s the association: Using the creative, right side of the brain opens new neuro pathways. The result? Enhanced cognitive, motor and social development. 

Don’t believe it? Here’s the proof in the pudding. Research from Americans for the Arts shows that young people who participate in the arts for at least three hours, on three days each week, for at least one year, are 4 times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement than their non-performing friends. 

Now there’s another great reason to enroll your student in performing arts programs!

10 Valuable Skills Youngsters Learn through Performing Arts

Today’s youth learn many valuable skills through performing arts that they might not learn otherwise. Besides sitting in a classroom absorbing and processing information, kids need access to other skills that help them become a happy and productive member of society. 

Along those lines, performing arts programs also teach kids to:

  • Think on Their Feet – No more wondering what to say or reflecting on what they should have said. Kids learn to practice self expression at a moment’s notice.
  • Deal with Anxiety – When butterflies hit before a performance, repetition is key! The more they practice, the more kids get comfortable with jitters or pre-performance nerves.
  • Express Emotions Creatively and Appropriately – Instead of lashing out in anger when a peer ruins a scene, a young performer learns to keep going, offer encouragement and practice until they get it right.
  • Build Confidence – The more they perfect their skills and experience success, the more kids’ confidence builds.
  • Collaborate with Others – Taking everyone’s talents and ideas into consideration at performing arts programs helps the team work better.
  • See the World from Different Perspectives – As children see that others don’t think or act just like them, they realize that everyone is different. And everyone has something valuable to contribute. 
  • Accept & Leverage Feedback – As instructors and peers provide feedback for improvement, kids learn to accept and use them graciously.
  • Use Their Imaginations – There’s no limit to what students can do when they use their imaginations to express themselves.
  • Have Fun & Make New Friends – Laughter often ensues when kids get together, perform and have fun! New friendships make the experience that much more enjoyable.
  • Love learning – While learning from textbooks bores many students, learning while performing is an exciting experience for many kids.

Find Performing Arts Programs Now

Performing arts encourage children to explore their emotions, expand their imagination and develop their own, unique voice. Young performers experience so much joy when given this type of freedom!

If you’re looking for ways to encourage your child to share themselves with the world, KidzToPros’ afterschool performing arts programs have what you need. With courses from Improv Comedy to Hip-Hop, your youngster will have a blast, learn new skills and experience acceptance like never before.

Check out our afterschool performing arts programs and sign up now! We’ll give your student the artistic education of a lifetime.