Why Send Your Kids to Summer Sports Camp?

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Summer lurks just around the corner, and you may be wondering what you should do to keep your kids active and engaged when school lets out. Should you plan a family vacation? Take time off to spend at home with the kids? Go visit relatives out of state? Or let the kids sleep late day after day?  

It’s time to enroll your children in summer sports camps! Sending your kids to sports camp allows the athletes in your life to choose their favorite sport – or a variety of them – play the games they love with other kids their age, keep moving and active, and advance their skills and knowledge of their favorite sport. 

Get your kids excited about going to camp! Why stay in bed all day when they can play sports outside in the fresh air, learn new foot- or hand-work that makes them more competitive, and meet new friends who love the same sports they love?

KidzToPros’ (KTP) summer sports camps offer kids all this and more. But it’s not just kids that benefit from them. Parents like you feel good knowing they’re helping their kids stay healthy physically, emotionally and intellectually, while mom and dad work or take care of things at home.

Thanks to KTP, summer sports camp is on the menu this summer for kids, regardless of their age or level of development. 

What Is Summer Sports Camp?

You know your kids best. Picking the right sports camp for each kid means they’ll be practicing solid teamwork and communication skills and moving toward a more healthy lifestyle. 

KidzToPros’ sports camps provide an atmosphere where campers work together toward a common goal. Instead of sitting in front of a screen, they spend the summer learning how to work in harmony with others, building strong bones and muscles, and improving coordination and balance. 

When children learn healthy habits at a young age, this helps them transfer to adolescence and beyond with lower rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and so much more. Campers also learn firsthand that daily activity reduces stress and helps them feel better, no matter what’s happening in their lives. 

A good quality sports program, like the ones run by KTP, provides children with opportunities like these to learn and grow in a supportive atmosphere surrounded by coaches and instructors who care. However, this doesn’t just benefit hard-core athletes. It benefits all kids, even those who don’t particularly enjoy group sports, or those often found sitting on the sidelines watching others play sports.

The Benefits of Sending Kids to Camp

Some of the many perks you should expect from your children attending summer sports camp include:

Kids Learn to Play Fair

Kids at KTP sports camps learn empathy and compassion for others. Teachers focus lessons on cooperation rather than cutthroat competition. Campers become role models for their peers and younger children. They bond over group play and build friendships that last a lifetime. 

Children Develop Basic Social Skills

Kids learn a lot on the field – and much of it has nothing to do with sports. For example, campers develop longer attention spans by focusing on play, and they also learn the importance of following rules so everyone can participate and have a good time.

Kids Learn the Value of Having Fun 

KidzToPros’ sports camps teach kids how to have fun on the field or court, whether winning or losing. This helps kids who might not otherwise participate decide to join in. It also benefits players by aiding them in adapting and relaxing, instead of feeling nervous, when they’re playing a game and stakes run high. 

It Feels Safe to Come out of Their Shell 

We welcome everyone at our camps! We want kids to love being active and among good friends. Our coaches encourage children to enjoy themselves, work through momentary frustrations and surround each other with positive feedback and encouragement, all in an environment that feels safe and supportive. 

In surroundings like these, kids who aren’t natural athletes feel free to be themselves. Because everyone develops at their own pace, we treat each child as a special and unique person. This allows them to have fun and grow, without fear of judgment by others.

Summer sports camps teach kids how to enjoy sports for a lifetime. 

What Do Kids Do at Sports Camp?

The best summer sports camps arrange activities based on both age and ability. Since children develop skills at different times, a good inclusive camp places them appropriately with others of approximately the same age and skill level. 

Kids playing basketball at KidzToPros Summer Camp

Let’s take a look at what parents can expect from sports camps at various age levels.


Preschoolers are just now learning to use important muscles and develop fine and gross motor skills. They are also learning how to socialize with other kids. 

At this age, sports camp gives kids a chance to practice verbal and non-verbal skills, determination and perseverance. Preschool campers learn the basics of organized physical activity, building healthy habits, following basic rules and playing safely. 

Mostly though, it’s all about having fun!


Around the age of four or five, kids start to show the beginnings of athletic coordination. They can catch a ball that’s thrown at them or shoot a basketball into a kid-friendly hoop. 

Between the ages of six and eight, however, kids more fully understand the rules of different games. They begin to understand the fundamentals of different sports and develop a fondness for one sport over another. Joining recreational sports leagues that focus on developing skills and having fun makes sense at this age. 

Around nine years of age, kids begin to enjoy competitive team sports. When parents start kids in competitive leagues before that, there’s too much pressure. They often compare themselves to others and their mental health can suffer from the stress imposed on them by over-involved parents and high-stressed coaches. 

At KidzToPros’ sports camps, coaches understand that every child develops differently. Campers possess the space and support they need to grow at their own pace. 

Middle School 

Numerous studies show the link between physical activity and improved academic performance among middle schoolers. Research consistently demonstrates that student-athletes earn higher grades and display better behavior in school. 

In middle school, students who participate in sports learn to cooperate and work with other students. This encourages healthy social and communication skills. Kids of this age also learn to team up to accomplish a common goal. This translates off the field to include activities such as science projects, plays, musical performances and more. 

Pre-adolescent kids start experiencing physical changes they aren’t always sure how to handle. Playing sports helps them feel better about themselves physically and teaches them how to deal with these changes with less stress or anxiety.

Middle school students who participate in team and individual sports have higher self-esteem. They feel more at home in their community and at school. 

High School 

As children enter their teenage years, sports become more important. Even though involvement in sports requires both time and commitment, it helps students perform better in school. 

High schoolers become more involved in different kinds of extracurricular activities. Playing sports while keeping up with academics helps them learn to better manage their time. This is important when setting long- and short-term goals for themselves.

Another reason for teenagers to play sports: colleges and universities favor athletic applicants because they tend to be more well-rounded, disciplined, confident and collaborative.

As for their futures, teenage boys and girls who play sports are more likely to land higher-status jobs after college. According to research from Cornell University, athletic teens develop more consistent leadership skills and work better with others confidently. 

Sports Camps: They’re Just Plain Fun!

Though our summer sports camps produce many social, emotional and intellectual benefits for kids, the bottom line is this: Sports camps are just plain fun! And without the fun factor, why bother?

We want our campers to play. Most of the time they don’t even realize – until they’re much older – that hard work, learning and playtime are not mutually exclusive processes. A good summer sports program combines all three! 

What’s so important about fun? 

  • Kids learn best when they’re having fun. 
  • Play helps campers learn to solve problems, get along with others and express themselves creatively.
  • Fun sports programs develop physical skills and flexibility. 
  • Fun learning leads to better memory function.
  • Laughter rewards children by lowering stress levels. 
  • A sense of humor helps improve a child’s self-esteem, problem-solving abilities and social skills.
  • Fun breaks down walls and encourages trust.
  • Outside play minimizes screen time. 

What Sports Does KidzToPros Offer? 

KidzToPros’ popular summer sports camps provide children with a safe, fun-filled experience. 

Campers integrate and develop the fundamentals of sports like basketball, soccer and tennis. They also get a chance to make new friends and blow off some steam in a non-judgmental, social setting. 

At the same time, they learn the values of hard work, teamwork and sportsmanship through interactive play.

If you’re looking for fun and active sports camps to send your kids to this summer, consider one of these favorites:

PlayItAll! Sports

Ages 6-11, Grades 1-5

KidzToPros offers Play It All! Sports camp either by itself or combined with a STEM topic, such as Makerspace. Either way, the program involves teams of campers who compete without stress or pressure in different activities and sports. This includes soccer, basketball, flag football, street hockey and kickball. 

At the start of the week, coaches group campers by age and skills into teams. Kids then compete to become the top team. All campers learn important values like teamwork, problem-solving and sportsmanship. 

Our passionate, highly trained coaches help campers develop fundamentals in sports and STEM subjects, while providing guidance, motivation and encouragement.


Ages 7-11, Grades 2-5

One of our most popular sports camps, young basketball players learn and improve their handling, footwork and fitness at this camp. They also increase their knowledge of the game, including rules and fundamentals. Just-for-fun scrimmages, games and tournaments bring out the best in each player. Kids get a fun and personalized basketball workout.


Ages 7-11, Grades 2-5 

Aspiring tennis players thrive while learning the fundamentals and rules of the game. They practice form, strokes, footwork and strategy. Come out and watch your kids enjoy scrimmages, games and tournaments to showcase their talents. 


Ages 7-11, Grades 2-5

Soccer is the most popular game in the world for a reason. KidzToPros helps kids either get started with fundamentals or practice what they already know. Coaches also cover proper form and the rules of the game. They work on handling, footwork and overall fitness. Pressure-free scrimmages, games and tournaments round out the experience and fun.

Why Choose KidzToPros’ Summer Sports Camps?

Too many children go back to school in the fall and take months to regain the learning they’ve lost. KidzToPros’ sports camps help prevent summer learning loss by keeping kids in a routine and in brain-stimulating activities during the summer. 

Enrolling students in our summer sports camps allows them to continue learning, while having fun, then seamlessly float back into their fall routine once school restarts.

We don’t take the trust you place in us lightly. We staff KidzToPros’ camps with experienced coaches and instructors who emphasize safety and acceptance. We run thorough background checks and COVID test staff members so you can work or rest easy knowing your children remain in capable hands.  

Find a KTP Sports Camp Near You. 

KidzToPros Summer Camp Location Map

Find a sports camp near you and enroll your kids for Summer 2022 today


Grace Crow · April 1, 2022 at 12:21 am

I need a tennis club for my 13 years old twins , I live in the area of Jersey City

    Penny Hagerman · April 5, 2022 at 5:56 pm

    Hello, Grace! So happy to see you on our blog! You’ll find all our KidzToPros summer camps in your area here. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please keep watch on our website, as we are constantly adding new camps in new locations. Hope you and your twins have a great summer!

Evelyn Davis · April 12, 2022 at 10:02 am

Quite an interesting read, Catherine! Summer sports camps are one of the most amazing and one-of-a-kind experiences a child can have. It is a place where children may learn important life lessons like responsibility, self-discipline, hard work, health, and fitness.

    Penny Hagerman · April 15, 2022 at 3:55 pm

    Hey Evelyn, thanks for stopping by! We completely agree! Getting kids involved in summer sports not only allows them to get their energy out and make new friends, but also teaches them important skills like sharing, collaboration, endurance and teamwork. They can learn these skills in the classroom, but with so many educational standards to meet, important social and relational skills often fall by the wayside during the school year. Life lessons, right? We need more kids learning them early at summer camp!

Penny Hagerman · July 22, 2022 at 3:40 pm

Hey, thanks for stopping by our blog! There’s still time to find a great summer sports camp for your son. We’ve got camps for basketball, tennis, soccer and Play It All sports, where campers play many different sports. Depending on your location, camps start weekly and run through mid-August. Go to this page on our website and search by zip code or state and city to find sports camps near you. I hope you find just the right fit for your son!

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